Wednesday 21 August 2013

The beginnings of my Blood Angels

Hello all, so when I decided to play Blood Angels my pay cheque just happened to go into my account and well.. It doesn't exist anymore, so suffice to say, I have enough models to field 2000 - 2500 points, and even higher if I wanna be really stupid, haha! So yeah, this is my army as it stands.

Now for a more detailed look, lets start with the Librarian who is my Warlord, I used parts from the Assault Marine Kit, Death Company Kit, Sanguinary Guard Kit, Space Marine Command Kit, and Forge World Brass for Blood Angels.

Now for my Sanguinary Priest,  made from Death Company Kit, Sanguinary Guard Kit, and Space Marine Command Squad Kit.

Now for my Scouts, made from Sniper Scouts Kit, Devastator Kits, and Death Company Kits.

This is my Death Company Dreadnought, made from Furioso Dreadnought Kit, Devastator Kit, and Forge World Brass for Blood Angels.

These are my Death Company, made From Death Company Kits and Sanguinary Guard Kits.

This is my Baal Predator, using kits from the Baal Predator, Predator, Devastator Squad and Rhino, with Forge World Brass.

This is my Sanguinary Guard Squad, made from both Death Company and Sanguinary Guard Kits.

My Tactical Squad led by Sergeant Gallenta, made from Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, Tactical Squad, Devastator Squad and Space Marine Command Squad Kits.

Devastator Squad, made from Death Company, Sanguinary Guard, and Space Marine Command Squad Kits.

My Predator, made from Baal Predator and Predator Kits, with Forge World Brass.

My Assault Squad, made using Death Company, and Assault Marine Squad Kits.

And these are the best dice ever, they come in different flavours (DA for example) I recommend going through bitzgalaxy on eBay, mention you saw it on a PlagueMaster40k blog and you might get a discount if you buy in bulk, they are the best group on eBay, I swear by it.

So that's my army, I'll start painting soon and I'll keep you updated, leave a post if you did/didn't like a particular model or the such, I'd love to know, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it, and just by the way, this force will keep growing, I'm waiting for a 1 Relic and 1 standard Contemptor Dreadnoughts for my Librarian and Furioso Dreadnoughts, hope to show you guys that soon!